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About Sedriks ESL

Our goal is to provide our participants with exceptional professional development programs as some of the most recognized institutions around the world.

Our Mission as leaders in global educational training is to be recognized locally and internationally by private/government educational institutions, colleges, universities and businesses for exceptional services in identifying and training heads of institutions and administrators for progress and development.

Our Vision is to expose and empower administrators, heads of institutions, managers & trainer's in the education sector with the appropriate skills and digital techniques for effective and efficient operations so they can be at par with globally rated institutions.

At Sedriks Education Services, we believe that Education is key to the progress of any country. Sedriks acknowledge that education plays a crucial role in the advancement of technologies, Education makes people independent, builds self confidence and esteem, which is very important for the development of a country in sectors like IT, medical sciences, Agriculture, economy etc.

Developing a country needs awareness and practicality, this can not be achieved through learning institutions with low quality of administrators/teachers who can hardly compete globally. We believe that every individual need to be educated to the right level before they join the workforce, especially when it is becoming more knowledge-based. These people will directly determine the quality in the education that can be rated among world-class education.

The world is seeing fast technological changes. Inventions are now a part of everyday life. There is need for school owners/ heads of institutions to understand, acquire skills and training via educational tours, conferences and seminars that will bring development and move Nigeria ahead.

A country can be recognized by other countries when it has something that it can boast of. It is education that will help the country move forward and gain recognition.

What we do
▪We create opportunities that help bring professional together
▪We foster the development of understanding between communities and nations by promoting the exchange of ideas and experiences.
▪Organize conferences locally and internationally to train the educators, administrators, school owners.

Our vision is based on the need to produce seasoned, articulate, well grounded and technically skilled education managers, heads of institutions and administrators who are to work towards ensuring quality, relevance and efficient educational delivery in order to gain global recognition.

Empowering the education sector, managers, administrators, owners with appropriate skills and digital techniques for effective and efficient operations.

Our Programs
▪Study Abroad (University Placement)
▪International education development seminars.
▪Educational travels and tours
▪Professional training programs
▪Administrative support for exchange programs (For Startups).
▪We organize Best Teacher Awards in Nigeria and nominate such for the Sunny Varkey Global Teachers’ Prize.
▪Organizes workshops on career development and skills acquisition for optimal performance and capacity development.


3rd Floor,
Abuja Enterprise Agency,
Jahi, Abuja,


Phone: +234-811-139-1920  


Federal Ministry of Education